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QuickBooks, a powerful accounting software asks for password to be entered whenever you try to login for company files. This password secures the company’s accounting file from unauthorized access viewing. But there is a probability that you can forget password which is a matter of concern. Now, you would like to reset password for the same account. QuickBooks Support is available to suggest you different methods for easy resetting of password.

There are four scenarios by which you can reset the password:

You know your Password and want to change it

  1. Go to Company option.
  2. Select Set Up Users and Passwords, and then click Change Your Password.
  3. Enter your current password.
  4. Set up your new password and a challenge question, and then click OK.

Reset Password by using your Challenge Question

  1. Go to QuickBooks Desktop login screen, select and click I forgot my password.
  2. Then security question will appear and answer it.
  3. Click OK.
  4. A message will appear “Your password and challenge answer and question have been removed, and your company file is no longer password-protected.”
  5. Click When you close this window, message box will pop-up where you will be required to create your new password and choose and answer your challenge question.”
  6. Generate a new password and new challenge question.
  7. Then click OK.

 Change another User’s Password

  1. Log in to the company file as the administrator.
  2. Go to the Company option.
  3. Select Set Up Users and Passwords, and then select Set Up Users.
  4. Enter your password again if prompted.
  5. Select the user from the User List whose password you want to change.
  6. Then click Edit User.
  7. Mention the new password.
  8. Click Next two times and then select Finish.

Reset Admin Password using a Reset Code

  1. ChooseI forgot my password on the QuickBooks Login window.
  2. Select “I forgot my answer”.
  3. Fill out the required information.

Note: You will receive a reset code on your registered email address. Thus, ensure that you will enter the required information correctly. The First and Last name mentioned should be of that person who originally purchased or activated the product.

If you have any query, you should simply reach to QuickBooks Technical Support. It is a dedicated technical support team available 24/7 to solve your all queries and concerns in no time. You just have to get in touch by dialling QuickBooks Support Number @ 1-800-290-0629 to get assists by a team of experts

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