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I am getting an Error 80029c4a. Why am I getting this Error? Where can I get help? You can Call QuickBooks Support @ 1-800-290-0629 for immediate help. Now let me explain to you why this Error occurred. Customer encounter this error when a customer installs a corrupt version of or he/she deletes some important file or extension got damage. This is the root cause of this error. That’s why customer sees this Error on his/her computer screen whenever they try to open their QuickBooks. This happened quite frequently as whenever you try to open your QuickBooks it will give you the same error.

Most customers try to avoid this error by letting it go and think this will be solved on its own, however, this is not the right approach to handle such error. This may lead you to hamper your work by seeing a delay in working as your computer performance get hamper along with that your keyboard and mouse get so slow that you need to wait for a couple minute to complete one task which could have been done in few seconds. That’s why customer no needs to wait and act promptly if they see QuickBooks Error 80029c4a because if you will keep eye on this you will be able to rectify or troubleshoot this Error effectively.

Now let me explain you some more possibilities of this error to be shown on your computer screen.

As we discussed the major reason to show up this error is an installation of a corrupt or incomplete version of QuickBooks.

Second reason will be your computer window get corrupted due to some new software updates or any security patch installation in your QuickBooks due to this you may see this error.

Third which is the most common and critical reason so far is Malware or Virus attack on your PC. This can delete or corrupt your QuickBooks file or extensions and can disturb your PC window file and system.

To overcome this problem you should do an inclusive troubleshoot to make sure this Error will not recur in future for sure.

Now let’s talk about how to fix Quickbooks Error 80029c4a?

Now we will discuss some of the steps to resolve this error but before that let me inform you that this is not a simple process this will require a quite a long time to perform all the steps, So better to but some good amount of time from your hectic schedule or else you can call QuickBooks Support @ 1-800-290-0629 to get a professional help and you can save your time too.

Please follow below mention steps:

  1. Repair registry entries which are linked with your QuickBooks.
  2. You can run an antivirus scan to prevent Malware/Virus.
  3. You can clean all your temp, junk and disk cleanup section.
  4. Check your PC drivers are up to date.
  5. Make sure you will restore your window system or Undo all the changes done recently.
  6. You must uninstall your QuickBooks and then reinstalls your QuickBooks and checks all the program gets installed properly.
  7. You can use window file checker to check all the file are ok nothing is missing or damage.
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